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A Philosophy of Independence, Development, and Age-Tailored Guidance

The Montessori philosophy suggests children should be introduced to a variety of subjects with specially developed, age-appropriate materials. Through self-guided exploration, children can work at their own pace to learn basic functions, concepts, skills, and independence.

Toddlers explore nature by analyzing pine conesStep-by-step growth and progress

Each student is encouraged to progress at his or her own pace. This allows every child to master skills by working both individually and with their peers in small groups. By using materials and activities that are appropriate in terms of progress and abilities, your child will master their skills through repetition and recognition of their own mistakes.

Facilitating growth and development

Our Montessori teachers, whom we refer to as Montessori adults, facilitate learning rather than instructing the class. This approach allows students to explore their own interests while reducing wasted time and maximizing developmental outcomes for each student.

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With over 20 years of success in the Eden Prairie community, our Montessori school philosophy has benefited thousands of children like yours.

To learn more about our philosophy or schedule a tour of our facility, contact us at 952-944-8466. We look forward to speaking with you and meeting you and your child!


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