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Facilitating the Growth and Development of Each Child

Each member of the Eden Prairie Montessori team is fully trained and credentialed to guide the growth and development of your children. We believe that by surrounding our students with highly qualified, specially trained professionals, each will reach his or her full potential from a cognitive, social, emotional, and physical perspective.

Each of our lead teachers must complete Montessori Certification under a credible Montessori training program that is recognized by the Department of Human Services, in addition to their teacher qualifications. Each staff member is also trained in CPR and First Aid, keeping your child safe at all times. Through ongoing training, we’re constantly improving our ability to care for and guide our students.

Please take a look at our staff bio page to learn about each of our teachers!

Preparing children to be respectful, responsible, and independent life-long learners

Montessori staff and children play with bubbles on the playgroundEach Montessori teacher, whom we refer to as the “Montessori adult” presents materials to children, maintains records and observations of children, and communicates progress to parents and caregivers. Doing so allows us to work with families to prepare children to become respectful, responsible, and, most importantly to the Montessori method, independent learners.

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Our staff has been providing quality Montessori instruction to the Eden Prairie community for over 20 years.

To meet our instructors and assistants and learn more about our program, contact us at 952-944-8466. We look forward to speaking with you!


Eden Prairie Montessori North  | (952) 944-8466 | 7455 Market Place Dr.,  Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Eden Prairie Montessori South  |  (952) 941-2971 |  8098 Glen Lane,  Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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