We use an app called Brightwheel as a greener form of communication. Free to download onto any smart device, Brightwheel opens a whole new and wonderful way to stay connected. Here are just some of the features:

  • Digital check in and out with unique codes for each parent. Know when your child was picked up or that they made it to daycare!
  • A direct line of contact to your child’s teacher. Quickly communicate if your child will be absent or if you are picking upearly. Ask a question or just check in.
  • See your child’s day in “real time” (infants and toddlers only). Diapers, food, and naps logged so you can keep track of how your child is doing.
  • Photos and video periodically sent to give you a snapshot of your child’s day. Rest easy by being able to see pictures of your child having a great time in our care!
  • An easy way to update things like contact information, since it’s right on your smart device. Update phone numbers, doctor information, etc when you remember to, instead of trying to remember to tell the teacher.
  • Online Billing! Tuition reminders sent through Brightwheel so you always know how much is due and when. Our online billing option opens many different ways to pay and also allows you the freedom to print invoices for taxes and FSA.


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