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The smell of pumpkin pie, spending time with loved ones, indulging in a great home-cooked meal and feeling grateful for all you have. Who doesn’t love a holiday celebration? With Thanksgiving right around the corner we thought we would put a blog post together that encourages not only Montessori-based learning, but also togetherness and quality family time, right in your own home. Kids tend to love helping out in the kitchen, they learn very quickly, and getting them involved in meal preparation is one of the best ways to raise healthy eaters.

In addition to getting them interested in healthy foods (which we highly encourage here at Eden Prairie Montessori!),  inviting children to join you in the kitchen helps them gain confidence and develop important skills such as hand-eye coordination, reading, and math. Remember that it is a lot more fun and interesting for kids when they are given their own responsibilities rather than just watching, so a hands-on approach is key. Your encouragement and praise goes a long way in helping them thrive! Just remember to supervise and keep things age appropriate for safety reasons, and watch your little ones have an awesome time.

Here is a list of tasks children can do to help with Thanksgiving dinner, broken down by approximate age group…


Children around one to two years old:

Washing vegetables and fruit

Scrubbing potatoes

Getting different things out of the cupboards and carrying ingredients from one place to

another (you’ll need to move things down low for this to work)

Buttering bread – give your child a small amount of butter in a dish with a small spreader.

Pour water – you could have a dispenser down low or a small jug on a low table. Have a

sponge or cloth nearby for spills.

Ripping bread apart for stuffing

Put things in trash bin


Children two to three years old:

Mixing, stirring and pouring

Breaking cauliflower & broccoli into smaller pieces

Cutting softer vegetables, eg, mushrooms

Tearing lettuce for salad

Washing and spinning lettuce

Squeezing lemon slices

Scooping dry ingredients into measuring cups

Shelling peas

Peeling onions and garlic

Shake liquids to mix in small container with lid

Rinsing plastic bowls in sink


Children three to four years old:

Following simple recipes with you

Mixing batter

Scooping yams out of the skins

Peeling hard boiled eggs and use an egg slicer to cut

Helping cut cucumber slices and tomatoes for salad

Peeling apples for pie with a safety peeler

Helping to set the table – have dishes down low in the cupboard so your child can reach them

Wiping table and countertops


Children four to five years old:

Cut parsley and green onions with kid-safe scissors

Measure ingredients using measuring spoons and cups

Cracking eggs

Use an egg beater or whisk

Mixing and rolling out pie dough

Mashing potatoes

Whipping cream

Grating cheese or vegetables

Helping use can opener

Using spice shakers & adding seasoning with supervision

Kneading and shaping dough for bread or rolls


Other notes and ideas to keep in mind:

Always use age-appropriate, child-friendly & safety utensils and kitchen tools.

Once they are standing steadily you could use a step ladder, stool or learning tower.

Always stand between your child and the stove.

Try to prepare the ingredients and materials ahead of time- have them accessible and ready.

When possible, take tasks like chopping to the dining table and work together there.

Don’t expect perfection – the vegetables may not be perfect sticks, some may fall on the

ground, spills will happen, and things may take longer. This is part of the learning process.

Be prepared for a mess. Have sponges within easy reach for cleaning and spills.

Be patient, loving, and use positive & encouraging words.

A child-sized apron is not only useful, it is a nice way to make them feel special.

Most importantly, recognize how they have helped as part of the dinner conversation.


Have an awesome Thanksgiving with your family, from us here at Eden Prairie Montessori Learning Center!