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Why Choose Us?

We’ve been guiding and cultivating children through the Montessori method for over 20 years.

2 convenient locations in the North and South sides of Eden Prairie.

We care for children from infancy through Kindergarten, preparing students for first grade and beyond.

Carefully trained, qualified instructors who have completed Montessori Certification.

Small class sizes to ensure each child receives the attentive care they need.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Maintaining Focus on Our Mission

Through the Montessori philosophy, we are committed to providing quality education and care for young children, preparing them to become responsible, respectful, and independent individuals with a passion for life-long learning. We use our mission as a driving factor for success in all that we do. We consider every child, their needs, their progress, and their success to create an attentive, personally tailored learning experience for all our students.

Step-by-Step Growth and Progress

Each student is encouraged to progress at his or her own pace. This allows every child to master skills by working both individually and with their peers in small groups. By using materials and activities that are appropriate in terms of progress and abilities, your child will master their skills through repetition and recognition of their own mistakes.

Facilitating Growth and Development

Our Montessori teachers, whom we refer to as Montessori adults, facilitate learning rather than instruct the class. This approach allows students to explore their own interests while reducing wasted time and maximizing developmental outcomes for each student.

Our Team

Our staff has been providing quality Montessori instruction to the Eden Prairie community for over 20 years. Each member of the Eden Prairie Montessori team is fully trained and credentialed to guide the growth and development of your children. We believe that by surrounding our students with highly qualified, specially trained professionals, each will reach his or her full potential from a cognitive, social, emotional, and physical perspective.

Each of our lead teachers must complete Montessori Certification under a credible Montessori training program that is recognized by the Department of Human Services, in addition to their teacher qualifications. Each staff member is also trained in CPR and First Aid, keeping your child safe at all times. Through ongoing training, we’re constantly improving our ability to care for and guide our students.

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Our Locations

2 Convenient Locations in Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie - North Location

7455 Market Place Drive

Eden Prairie - South Location

8098 Glen Lane

Multicultural Child Care Where Your Child is Free to Explore, Learn, and Discover New Skills and Concepts

Diversity and Culture for Growing Minds

At Eden Prairie Montessori we are proud of our diversity. Our students and our staff come from a varied background of countries and cultures. This gives us the unique ability to recognize and celebrate a wide range of cultures and holidays of the world with authenticity. Your child will learn from an early age to respect and cherish the qualities that make us all different and unique, while recognizing that we are all bound by a common thread of humanity.

Spanish Education in All Classrooms

In addition to a multicultural environment, all children have the opportunity to learn Spanish from a native speaker. Our Spanish education begins in our infant room with our bi-lingual staff speaking to our babies in both Spanish and English. It continues into Toddlers and Preschool/Kindergarten with daily class lessons taught in a fun and engaging way.

Multicultural Child Care Where Your Child is Free to Explore, Learn, and Discover New Skills and Concepts

The Montessori Difference

Celebrating more than 100 years of teaching and the nurturing young ones, Montessori methods are different from traditional daycare teaching methods because the individual child (not the teacher) is the focus. Montessori learning is based on:

Cognitive, social, emotional and moral development

Inner discipline

Individual instruction and self-pace

Mixed age grouping

Peer teaching and modeling

Multi-sensory learning materials for physical exploration

Purposeful movement as an aid to learning


At Eden Prairie Montessori, we pride ourselves with the longevity of our teachers and staff, which provides stability for our students. When employment opportunities do come up, we seek out motivated and enthusiastic staff who are in it for the long haul. If you are interested in joining our close-knit little family, check below. We’d love to meet you!


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