Gardening, Montessori Style

It’s Gardening Week at Eden Prairie Montessori!

Gardening is the perfect way for children to connect with nature and learn to nurture living things.  It instills love and respect for the earth and provides us with the opportunity to experience one of the many miracles of nature: sprouting life from a seed and watching it grow.


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Co-parenting & Childcare

Families are diverse and many are non-traditional in today’s age.  Some may have two moms or two dads or are being raised by their grandparents, a close family member or in foster care.  In today’s blog post we’ll give you some tips specifically for those parents who are co-parenting in split household situations.  
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Teaching Thankfulness

The holidays are full of hustle and bustle, running errands, buying gifts, baking, hosting family and friends…the list goes on.  During all of the chaos, your children are watching and taking everything in. It’s the perfect time to teach them about being thankful.  What exactly does it mean to be truly thankful and how do …Read More

Is Your Child Learning Other Languages? It’s One Of The Great Benefits At Eden Prairie Montessori…

Languages in the Montessori Classroom…
Some people might be surprised to find out that at Eden Prairie Montessori, infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners are learning a second language early on in their education! That’s right, in all of our classrooms all children have the opportunity to learn Spanish from a native speaker. Our Spanish education begins …Read More