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Hello EPM Families-

Here comes the snow and the end of the year. With these chilly temps and white stuff falling from the sky, we want to stress that your children need to have all the necessary outdoor winter clothing. Please ensure that your child has a warm winter jacket, snow pants, boots, gloves and a hat. Please note that if your child does not have the proper attire, they will still go outside (as is required by Minnesota state law), but their activity will be limited. Also, please, please, PLEASE label your child’s clothing.

Our Preschool Concerts are right around the corner! The children have been working hard both in music class and outside of it in preparation for their Winter Concert. They have plenty of fun songs of the season to share with you. Preschool 1 (Ms Keerun) will have their concert on Monday, December 14th and Preschool 2 (Ms Karen) will have theirs the next day on Tuesday, December 15th. On the night of your child’s concert, we ask that you pick your child up by 4:30pm so they can get dressed up in their holiday best. They can then return to school by 6pm to join their class and get ready for their concerts. Concerts will start at 6:30pm on their respective night. We’ll shortly be sending out sign-ups for munchies for the reception that follows each concert, so be on the lookout for that email.

Our Toddlers will also be having a holiday social on Monday, December 21st. Toddler parents are encouraged to join us at 4pm. The toddlers will put on a small concert (with a little help from some Preschool buddies!). Afterwards they will have a small social with some munchies and a few fun holiday activities. We’d love to have all our toddler families there to help us celebrate.

And a new addition this year: Our infants are going to do a small program as well! Infant families are encouraged to stop by the school at 10:30am on December 18th. We will have a very short (and awfully cute) program, followed by some treats and coffee. It will only last about 15-20 minutes. Infant Teachers are requesting that all infants dress in all black that day, for reasons that will be adorably evident in their program.

We have a few days off this month. Please note we will be closed:

  • Thursday, December 24th
  • Friday, December 25th
  • Thursday, December 31st
  • Friday, January 1st

As we know many families travel around this time of month, there will be attendance sheets on the doors for you to mark if your child will be present those last two weeks. Your child is of course welcome all of the days that we are open. We just like to have a head count for those weeks, if at all possible.

As we have had issues and questions as of late, here is a refresher on our Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Policy:

“If you choose to withdraw your child from our program, a written notice must be given at least 30 days in advance. Should you choose to withdraw your child without a 30 day written notice, the rest of the month’s tuition is forfeit- we do not prorate last month’s tuition without a 30 day written notice.

If you must withdraw your child for a temporary leave of absence, a written notice must be given 30 days in advance. In addition, we need written confirmation of your child’s return date and an $80 reservation fee to hold your child’s place. Please know that we cannot prorate tuition for a leave of absence, unless in monthly increments. A leave of absence may only be used once per enrollment year. For example, if your child enrolls in November, you may use the $80 leave of absence once from November of one year to November of the next. Additional leaves will be subject to full tuition payments. Please see the office for if extenuating circumstances arise. “

We are still planning to have our Parent Night on January 12th. This is a night for you as parents to see more in depth what your child is learning in school, ask questions of the Montessori philosophy and speak with our teachers in a non-conference setting. We would like at least one parent for each child to be present that night. We’ll have more detailed information as the night draws closer.

And one last quick reminder: Please make sure you are signing your children in and out each day. This is a record that DHS requires us to have. We need to have accurate record of what children are present at our school. The teachers do keep track of this as well, but the parental sign in and out is also a requirement.

As always, please see us in the office if you should have any questions are concerns.


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