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Eden Prairie Montessori Learning Center would love to share with you our TOP 10 favorite Montessori websites! This list is an excellent resource for those who are looking for inspiration and guidance in the Montessori method, and for those looking to incorporate Montessori practices and ideas into their homes. These blogs and websites are great for allowing us to connect with others and be inspired by different Montessori journeys. The Montessori Method is a philosophy that respects the individuality of each child, and there is something here for everyone!

We hope you enjoy reading some of our favorites….




Writer Kylie D’Alton is very passionate about Montessori in the home, and it shows. Her son Otis was raised from birth the Montessori way and Kylie captured much of his development here on the blog. From the Munari to the weaning glass – it’s all here! She includes great tips on how to set up Montessori spaces in your home, help foster independence, and incorporate Montessori into your child’s life.




Anastasia is a former Early Childhood Montessori Teacher and creator of educational printables. She is passionate about all things Montessori and nature- respect, authenticity, diversity, unity, peace and hands-on explorations. Through her blog, Anastasia shares her passion, experience, and knowledge in regards to the Montessori method and her parenting moments. The majority of her printables are for children from the age of 0 – 5 covering a wide range of themes and topics –  Art, Natural World, Geography,  Science, and History.




Nicole, mother to 3 and Montessori enthusiast, started The Kavanaugh Report in 2009. Over the years, the Montessori method has become a central tenant in her family life. What started out as a way for Nicole to organize her toddler’s activities and has now permeated every aspect of her parenting and family life. Here you will find writings about the Kavanaughs’ Montessori journey and the Montessori method, and glimpses into how she purposefully lives and strives to prepare her environment in such a way to make it easy for her children to be independent and learn as much as they can.




Amy, James and their two children are are a Montessori family. They believe that Montessori is more than a method of education – it is a way of life and it is one that they have adopted as our own. On Midwest Montessori, Amy shares how to incorporate Montessori ideals into the home as authentically as she can, and the family aspires to live a life filled with nature, movement, whole, natural foods, and music.




In this blog, Zuly adopts aspects of Montessori where she feels it best fits into her family life. She writes about their activities, lists what materials they use, and shares with you what Montessori brings them every day. With Show Me Montessori you are sure to find inspiration and ideas to implement with your children at home!  




Mars has been lead teacher in several Montessori pre-school classes, teaching children from 2.5 to 6 years old for years. In 2010, Mars set-up and opened her own Montessori pre-school in a small community in the Philippines to let the children there “experience the Montessori difference”. In Montessori on Mars you can find Montessori activities sorted by age, DIY’s, ideas for prepared environments and beautiful photography to inspire your Montessori journey at home.




Deb Chitwood is a Montessori certified teacher for children ages 2½-5 years. She is an eclectic Montessorian who first began her teaching experience by setting up a Montessori-oriented classroom in a day care center. Through her blog, Deb writes about using Montessori principles and methods in Montessori schools, traditional classrooms, homeschools, parenting, and life in general. Living Montessori Now is a goldmine of information!




A Life Sustained is a great example of how the best of Waldorf and Montessori practices can be mixed. Now that writer Courtney’s son is a toddler, her focus is on creating a home environment and family culture that encourages child-led investigations, open play, and a deep connection with nature. She has embraced elements from Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio approaches as well as principles from Attachment Parenting and mindfulness to custom make a blend of holistic education that works for her family.




Montessori Guide is an online resource tool for Montessori practitioners to demonstrate what quality Montessori looks like. It has long been their intention to find innovative and unique ways to support those in their daily work to meet the needs of children. The Montessori Guide was created to inspire!




Aubrey Hargis been a Montessori and progressive education advocate ever since she can remember. She has taught children aged from toddlers through elementary school in both the public and private school sector and holds both an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and an American Montessori Society certificate in Lower Elementary. Parenting her own children is both a great challenge and a great joy. Using the Montessori philosophy in her home gives her a lot of useful perspective on how to meet their needs and her own! On her website Montessori 101 she shares lessons, tutorials, and the opportunity to join in group discussions.



Best websites for Montessori materials & resources:


Trillium Montessori -FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY- http://www.trilliummontessori.org/join-library/

The Helpful Garden -FREE DOWNLOADS-  http://thehelpfulgarden.blogspot.com/

Manine Montessori-  https://www.manine-montessori.com/

The Montessori Company-  https://www.themontessoricompany.com/

M.Vita-  http://www.mvita.net/

Maitri Learning-  https://www.maitrilearning.com/

Little Kids Things-  http://www.littlekidsthings.com.au/


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