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Hello Eden Prairie Montessori Friends!

We’re going to try something a little new with the newsletter. Instead of a monthly, long-winded narrative, we’re going to try several little blurbs throughout the month to keep you up to date on what’s going on.

  • Please remember to sign your child in and out. The teachers do keep a record of it, but it is very important for us to have a record from the parents as well. The sign in and out is at the parent center, by the large window of Preschool 2.
  • Please, Please, PLEASE watch your children in the parking lot. We know kids are excited to go home or get to school, but it is a dangerous place where people do not always drive as slow or be as attentive as they should be.
  • Please make a habit of checking to ensure that your child has a few pair of extra clothes ready in case of accidents. As clothing is sent home soiled, please ensure that it is replaced. While we have a stock of spare clothing, we only have so many. Please also make sure your child’s spare clothes are labeled and are seasonally appropriate.
  • We have our February teacher’s inservice day on President’s Day, Monday February 15th. We will be closed that day. Classes will resume to normal on Tuesday, February 16th. We won’t have another holiday until Memorial Day in May.
  • We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day! A separate blurb (and email) will be send out soon. Keep your eyes peeled for it! Our celebration will take place on Friday, February 12th.

That’s all for now. Hopefully this shorten version goes over well. Keep check this blog periodically for more updates!