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At Eden Prairie Montessori Learning Center it is our mission to inspire a love of lifelong learning, independence, responsibility, and respect in all students. All of the extracurricular activities we offer support these values and provide preschoolers with an extra enhanced early education program that is vastly different from other preschools. In addition to our Montessori learning experience, Eden Prairie Montessori Learning Center offers yoga, Spanish language, art, music & piano, gymnastics, dance, health classes, and outdoor nature time to provide a well-rounded learning experience and create the foundations for a healthy lifestyle.

This week we are excited to tell you more about our Yoga classes with WeeMove Yoga & Gymnastics, which we offer every Wednesday!  Wee Move Yoga and Gymnastics is a wonderful way to introduce the importance of movement, teaching children through techniques of balance, focus, tumble, strength and confidence. Age appropriate equipment is brought in each week and each student receives one on one attention to master each movement as they progress.

WeeMove partners with local Montessori Learning Centers and Preschools to offer on site ‘Gymnastics For Yogis’ classes to kids. Their mission is to inspire strong minds, healthy bodies and peaceful spirit through movement. WeeMove believes that children are amazing sparks of energy and learn best through movement. Fundamentals such as balance, strength & flexibility are practiced, exploration is encouraged, and confidence evolves naturally.

Here are some of the benefits of the Gymnastics for Yogis classes with WeeMove:


Movement is the most natural way they learn.  Children naturally move toward independence.  Small class sizes support a responsive atmosphere.  Children communicate how they learn and what motivates them.  This enables us to support each child’s development, nurture confidence and inspire joyful expression.


WeeMove creates many opportunities to develop positive connections.  Kids practice grace and courtesy as we learn to work together, respect our differences and learn from one another.  It is wonderful to observe relationships grow and evolve during our time  with the kids.


The class environment inspires individualized growth as kids engage at their own level and pace. Activities are introduced according to a child’s readiness.  This unique program evolves to nurture every aspect of a child’s development.  We are interested in your child’s unique style of learning and committed to guiding their growth throughout their preschool years.


Flexibility improves body alignment, promotes relaxation and increases blood flow – all reducing potential for injury.  More importantly, kids are encouraged to develop flexibility of mind or resilience.  When challenged appropriately they learn how to solve problems, overcome adversity and feel pride in accomplishing meaningful goals.


Strong kids are capable and confident.  Every child develops confidence as they are given opportunities to try.  When they succeed they feel capable.  Skills are introduced progressively to challenge kids in a way that supports their success.


Balance requires patience and focus.  Children are given opportunities to slow down and find their focus.  They are encouraged to be patient with their friends as well as themselves.  When children practice finding balance it becomes an easy and comfortable way to approach any challenge.


Curious kids are engaged and internally motivated to test what is possible.  We encourage each child to seek greater challenges and feel the pride of progressing towards those unique aspirations.  We introduce skills progressively so kids experience success and build confidence.  Our yearly curriculum is flexible, yet presented in an orderly way children intuitively understand and appreciate.

Self-Awareness and Relaxation

Yoga practice teaches us to be calm, balanced and self aware.  We use breath work to relax deeply and focus our energy.  We emphasize respect for ourselves, our friends and the world around us.  Children who develop this self-awareness are better able to focus on a task, stay calm, avert stress and control their bodies.


Children are happiest when they are engaged in meaningful learning at their own pace.  We observe each child in order to present new concepts at the most opportune time.  When kids feel successful, they are inspired and develop a love of learning.

Keep your eye on our blog in the upcoming weeks where we will be telling you more about our exciting extracurriculars at Eden Prairie Montessori! There are more fun and inspiring interviews to come from:

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To learn more about WeeMove Gymnastics Yoga Education visit their website http://www.wee-move.com/

To learn more about our Montessori programs & child care center in Eden Prairie, contact us at 952-777-3606. We look forward to meeting you!

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