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We love to hear from our parents!

At Eden Prairie Montessori, we all know how far a real parent review can go when making a decision when it comes to childcare and our children’s education, so we want to bring those testimonials and community sharing right to our blog.

Read on to hear why parents and families LOVE Eden Prairie Montessori…


“Eden Prairie Montessori is a fantastic place to entrust your children to. It’s hard for most parents to leave their newborns with others. The staff at EP Montessori knew that and were gracious and helpful. Throughout the years our child went there they always were kind, courteous and helpful to us. Our daughter learned multiple languages, amazing skills and was socialized to work with other children. She came out far ahead of her peers who went to other types of daycare and preschools… allowing her to rapidly excel in an immersion program for kindergarten. I cannot say enough good things about the programs, staff and experience we had over a 5 year period with EP Montessori. I would recommend it to anyone.”  –  Jeremy DeKam

“A wonderful place for children to learn and at the same time have fun. The teachers are very polite and very caring. Each child is treated as an individual and gets the care that is needed. I am very happy with my kid’s all over development. In short, I couldn’t have found a better Montessori for my kid. A very big thank you to the entire faculty of EPM. Keep up the good work.”  –  PBB


“My boys have been with Eden Prairie Montessori for the past 4 years now. My oldest loved every day and still has a special bond with the teachers there. My preschooler enjoys all the activities offered and looks forward to each day he gets to spend with his friends. The staff at EPM is truly amazing. It’s a feeling of comfort when you drop your child of in the morning and you and your child are greeted with a big smile and warmth so you simply know they are in good hands for the day.”  –  Verena Arribas

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about this amazing school. The owner, teachers, assistant teachers…everyone is so loving, caring and eager to work with all their students. My kids have been here for over 2 years and our family will continue for the next 4 years until my last baby heads to Kindergarten.”  –  Amy Williams

“My son, Cash, was so loved at Eden Prairie Montessori! Ms. Shyami and her amazing infant room team made me feel at ease with my tiny boy in their care. Ms. Shonali and Ms. Ali were wonderful supports.”  –  Ashley Hansen

“My baby girl is so loved and well taken care of. She’s learning something new everyday and making friends, even at such a young age.”  –  Ali Humphrey

“We currently have our 9 month old son in the infant room at Eden Prairie Montessori. He started when he was 12 weeks and has been so loved since the beginning. The staff in the infant room are amazing and show our son love and compassion. All staff is very warm and welcoming. Highly recommend!”  –  Brie Tollackson

“Our son Gus really thrived under the guidance of the teachers at Eden Prairie Montessori center. Their patience and dedication to individualized education plans allowed Gus to develop at his own pace, which allowed him to graduate Kindergarten reading at a 4th grade level and starting work on multiplication and division. Beyond the academic environment, the school’s dedication to kindness and respect has helped Gus develop into a confident and precocious 6 year old with a strong sense of empathy and kindness. I highly recommend EPMC to all parents, particularly those of gifted children.”  –  EPM Parent

“I enrolled my 5 yr old in the Kindergarten program and for the year that he was there his confidence has improved in leaps and bounds. He has been given various opportunities to be a leader and I can see the difference in his personality. He loves his teachers and they take good care of him. Also, I am very impressed with the Kindergarten work that he got home and what was taught to him at school. I am a very happy parent to send my kid here.”   –  EPM Parent


“I recently enrolled my 2 1/2 year old at Eden Prairie Montessori and it has been an excellent experience. The angst over such a huge transition for our family has been monumental – and it was very important to me that we be able to transition at our own pace. The staff have been so incredibly supportive, have welcomed my involvement via their open door policy, and it is apparent that they take in to account the needs of each individual child. The teachers and center managers are extensively experienced….and truly support and implement Montessori learning methods. The warm and loving environment has made all the difference. A transition that I have been so worried about is going more smoothly than I could have hoped.”  –  EPM Parent


“Both my kids go to the Eden Prairie Montessori. They love their school. I like the fact that kids are taught very diverse topics and they emphasize on understanding the subject. Teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. The little minds here are learning more than we can imagine!”  –  EPM Parent


“Great school. Our son started to go to this school earlier this year, he was going with a lot of transition, moving from different state, new baby brother. The teachers were loving and understanding, they worked a lot with him to help him settle in. He was also behind in his speech, the improvement in our son’s speech is unbelievable, and now he is interested in spelling and numbers and he is only two and half years old.”  –  EPM Parent


“My 3 children attended Eden Prairie Montessori for the summer in the infant, toddler and preschool rooms. All three had a lot of fun! The teachers were very nice and communicated often, and answered any questions about how my children were doing academically. They are professional and I believe that they truly care about the children they teach. I learned a lot about the Montessori method and how to help my children become confident and independent!”  –  EPM Parent


“After trying several other so called ‘learning centers’ for my toddler-preschooler, I have finally found one that promotes learning and instills confidence in my son. The staff here is A1.”  –  EPM Parent


“Both of my daughters went to this school. The staff has been warm and consistent during the three years we have been with them. The place is extremely clean. My daughters have rarely gotten sick, even when a student is identified as having strep or stomach flu. This speaks to how well they keep the facility clean. They taught both of my daughters to read. Both came home happy every day. They are taught respect and the model of having older kids help younger kids helps instill self esteem. It is also a diverse, multicultural setting, that is respectful to everyone.”  –  EPM Parent


We wholeheartedly appreciate all of these kind words from our Eden Prairie Montessori families and parents. If you love our preschool and have something you want to share, we welcome and encourage you to leave a review on our social media pages.

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