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In celebration of Halloween, we will be having our annual Halloween parade on Friday, October 30th. Children are welcome to come to school in their costumes or they can bring them with to change into. We’ll leave the school around 10 am and take a little walk to the business park across the way. We love wishing our neighbors a Happy Halloween and they look forward to seeing all the kids in their costumes! ¬†Some of our neighbors pass out candy (which is collected by the teachers to distribute to the children in bags to take home), some just wave “Hello”, but everyone enjoys the day!

Parents are of course welcome to join us (and are encouraged to dress up too!) and all of our children are welcome to attend, no matter what days their normal schedule is. Afterward, we’ll head back to our classes to change out of costume and to have a Halloween snack!

If you are not comfortable with your child participating, please see your child’s teacher. If it is just the dressing up part you object to, children are welcome to wear any outfit in Autumnal style.