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Getting the day started can be a challenge and dropping off your toddler at daycare is not always easy. However, there are a few easy things you can do to make drop-offs less difficult for your child! With these tips we compiled from both New Parent and What To Expect, you can learn how to make parting with your child easier and stress-free—for the both of you.  You can look forward to seamless, sweet good-byes, and make over your mornings into a fuss-free routine using our separation anxiety solutions for babies and toddlers….

Start with a warm up & take baby steps.  

Most kids take a little while to get used to a new situation, so it’s no big surprise that day one at a new daycare or child care incites tears. If possible, simplify the transition by making a before-school visit to meet the teachers and explore the classroom. With Mom or Dad comfortably close at hand, your little one can gather the gumption to explore the new surroundings. If you’re leaving your little one for the first time, start off small, leaving him for an hour or so to help ease him get used to your absence.


Stay calm.

Even when your child is in the midst of a major meltdown, don’t let him see you sweat—or cry. Becoming agitated or upset over your child’s crying will only make her more anxious.


Leave something special behind.  

To ease the pain of parting, give the child care a photo of you with your child, or a special stuffed animal or blanket that she can use to comfort herself when you’re not around.  Another sweet solution is to tie a string bracelet around your wee one’s wrist, then kiss it and tell your toddler, “I’m filling this with my love.” When she feels stressed from separation anxiety, she can touch or kiss the bracelet to get an instant feeling of her parent’s love to see her through the day.


Don’t skip the goodbye.

How parents say good-bye can determine their toddler or preschooler’s reaction. Some parents think that sneaking out when their child isn’t looking is a separation anxiety solution, but typically that results in even more anxiety for the child, along with more crying, screaming and carrying on. Instead, keep your good-bye quick and to the point with a hug, a peck on the cheek, and a “See you soon, buddy!” Even body language can convey that you’re just as sad as he is, so stand up straight and smile. It’s your way of saying, “You’re going to have an awesome day!” Don’t eliminate the goodbye, just keep it short & sweet.


Be reassuring.

During the goodbye process, tell your child you’ll be back as soon as you can. If he’s old enough, let him know you’ll do something special together when you reunite—like play a favorite game or take a trip to the playground.


Keep it moving.

As hard as it is, don’t turn back to comfort your child if she’s upset. This will only prolong your child’s meltdown—and make it harder for you to get out the door.


Give it some time.

Rest assured that eventually, it will get easier to separate from your child. The meltdowns will get shorter and eventually disappear altogether. Your child will even start to look forward to seeing teachers and friends at daycare.


Make your return special.

Give lots of hugs and kisses, and let your little one know you missed him. Hearing that will never get too old!









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