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Hello Eden Prairie Montessori Families-

The New Year is here! Happy 2016! We are hoping to see some big and wonderful changes in this year that we are excited to share with you all soon!

In the meantime, a few notes of business to discuss. We would like to request that blankets for nap (particularly those for Preschoolers) be left at the school during the week. We keep the blanket neatly folded on each child’s cot. This is mostly for sanitary reasons and to help stop the spread of disease. When blankets are left by the cubbies every day, the chance that they will fall on the ground or come in contact with other children’s belongings is much greater than when they are left on the cots. We do know that some children have a special blanket or lovey that they need to fall asleep, so we know that this may be unavoidable. However, if at all possible, please try to have a school blanket that your child is ok with leaving here.

While we can have water bottles, sippy cups and bottles are not allowed in the Toddler Room. Licensing prohibits these items. If you want your child to have a water bottle, it must have their first and last name clearly marked on it.

Speaking of licensing regulations, our nurse has informed up that blankets are not allowed for sleeping in the infant room until the child is 12 months, even if we have permission from the parents. Children may still have them for comfort or to initially fall asleep. But they may not be used in the crib until the child is a year old. We have sleep sacks with wings for children who like to be swaddled, which should help them feel secure and happy, even without their blankets.

We sent out an email, but our Parent Night has been postponed. We will let you know as soon as we reschedule it (we are still pinning down a date that works for all teachers). More information will follow soon!

Coming up in February, we will have our Teacher’s Inservice day on the 15th. Classes will not be held that day. We will return to our normal schedule on February 16th

We are planning on using this blog more frequently with updates and articles. Please continue to check this page to see what we’ve got planned!


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