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There are many ways to create a Montessori-friendly environment at home, helping your child gain confidence and independence. Bringing Montessori concepts into your house can be a valuable bridge to what your child learns with us at school, and we have put together some simple ways to build that connection. Creating spaces and using objects that are easily accessible to your child at their eye-level & scale is key. Some ideas are:

● Low open shelves with activities in baskets

● Low drawers and shelves for their clothing, low rod in closet

● Child-size table and chairs

● Real child-size kitchen tools and utensils

● Small step stool in bathroom and kitchen

● Healthy snacks and foods on low pantry shelf

● Create an art station

● A corner of the family room with floor pillows and basket of books

Here are some other Montessori principles, activities and concepts that you can also apply at home:

● Nurturing kindness and respect

● Encouraging independence

● Care of the environment

● Practical life activities for self care

● Asking your child for help with daily activities

● Allow freedom of movement- give them space & opportunity to try things

● Give freedom of choice- e.g. allow them to pick out which shirt to wear

● Teach by modeling and example, not by correcting

● Keep learning environments clear of clutter

● Keep in mind the phrase “Help me to do it by myself.

Check out our video on how to bring Montessori concepts in your home here: