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Our Toddler Rooms are a Carefully Prepared Environment to Ease Separation and Foster Independence, Intellectual Development and Self Actualization

Individualized focus

Individualized Focus

Our toddler curriculum provides a special understanding of each individual child, flexibility with consistency, mutual respect of others and our environment, freedom of choice within limits, and the foundations for a lifetime of self-development.

Communication at Your Fingertips

Connected to Brightwheel, so you can check in on your child through pictures and messages.

Carefully Prepared Environment

Montessori classrooms are commonly referred to as prepared environments. Care and attention is given to creating a learning environment that will reinforce the children’s independence and intellectual development. Our toddler classrooms includes 20 toddlers, 1 teacher, and 2 assistants for individualized care and attention.

The room is set up to facilitate toddler discussion and to stimulate collaborative learning. Students become involved with their work. The teacher works with one or two students at a time, advising, presenting new lessons and quietly observing student work.

Our toddler classroom’s environment in Eden Prairie includes “work” which assists in promoting concentration, coordination, independence and order. For toddlers ages 16 to 36 months, the available work spans multiple categories, including:


Practical Life (Real Life Activities)


Pre-Math (Concrete and Conceptual)


Geography and Social History

Art, Music and Movement

Outdoor / Nature Time

We use fun activities to stimulate toddler classroom learning including painting, coloring, tactile activities, story time, reading, and outdoor playtime. Through each activity, your child will develop useful development skills to help them gain independence and care for themselves.

As the year progresses, each toddler is given developmentally-appropriate opportunities for increased responsibility, freedom, positive choices and active learning. With exclusive Montessori teaching materials, toddlers are able to thrive.

Potty-Training Preparedness

Our toddler potty-training method is a 5-step program that allows your child to advance at his or her own pace. After each accident-free day, your toddler will advance to the next step. This helps them achieve independence without feeling overwhelmed with the process.

As a carry over from our Infant Rooms, until they are potty trained, or in the process of training, we are a cloth diaper friendly facility!

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At Eden Prairie Montessori Learning Center, we’ve been facilitating toddler learning, including multicultural opportunities such as learning Spanish as a second language, at our Montessori learning center for over 20 years.

To take advantage of our experience, training, and attentive care, schedule a tour by contacting us at 952-944-8466. We look forward to welcoming both you and your toddler into the Montessori way of teaching and development!

Our Toddler Program Team

Ms Anne Toddler - Lead Guide
Ms Neelia – Lead Toddler Guide


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