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Many parents of children enrolled in a Montessori school ask how they can incorporate Montessori principles into their parenting styles and philosophies in a practical way. Bringing Montessori concepts into your family life can be a valuable bridge to what your child learns with Eden Prairie Montessori, further helping your child gain confidence and independence, which is the basis of the Montessori approach.

Also central to the Montessori Method is the joy of learning. When learning is fun and enjoyable it creates well-adjusted individuals with a purpose in life. Children who experience the joy of learning are happy, confident and fulfilled and we get to see that every day in the children at Eden Prairie Montessori!

We love being able to help families bring Montessori concepts into their lifestyles, so in this blog post we are bringing you the top articles we’ve found around the web to help you delve deep into Montessori parenting. This list is an excellent resource for those who are looking for inspiration and guidance in the Montessori method at home. The Montessori Method is a philosophy that respects the individuality of each child, and there is something here for everyone!

1. Six Montessori Parenting Habits to Practice Every Day by Motherly

Living the Montessori philosophy at home with children can seem daunting. Educators get dedicated training in this curriculum, after all, so you might ask yourself, “How could I possibly use this philosophy at home if I don’t have a special degree?”

While it’s true that educators need to have a well-rounded and complete understanding of the pedagogy to run a classroom, there are some things you can do at home without years and years of study…READ MORE

2. Raising a Montessori Kid: 75 Easy Ways to Montessori Parenting by Carrots Are Orange

Montessori parenting? Ahh. Yes, it is a thing. Sitting at my laptop one early morning as my oldest son (then a toddler) and my husband slept, I breathed in the silence and began to read an article introducing Montessori. I stopped and laughed out loud. You see, my family embraced Montessori, only we never knew “it” – my mom’s parenting style – had a name. I was drawn to Montessori immediately and deeply…READ MORE

3. Top Ten Helpful Tips For Montessori Parents by Age of Montessori

I’m not perfect. I am a loving, well-meaning, very caring, sometimes forgetful, often-busy parent. This, I think, puts me in the same boat with a whole lot of other people. Sometimes it helps to have a little reminder of all those good-parenting practices we really know deep down, but can sometimes forget in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. So here, inspired by Maria Montessori’s great wisdom, is a list of ten helpful tips for us not-quite-perfect parents…READ MORE

4. Observation and the Prepared Adult by The Kavanaugh Report

Being a Montessori parent is so much more than making pretty spaces or having the right things. It’s often about how we interact with our children, and how we prepare ourselves for our children’s presence in our lives. Without the prepared adult, Montessori does not work as it should. But, how do we prepare ourselves? This is a question without one easy answer. But, an important part of preparing myself has been learning to observe….READ MORE

5. Raising Critical Thinkers, Dos & Don’ts by How We Montessori

Critical thinking is an intrinsic part of Montessori education. Children from a young age are seen as scientists, problem solvers, children are empowered to independently analyse, test and make conclusions. However as parents we have a huge influence on our children, what can we do to raise critical thinkers? Here are a few things that we are trying at home. For context, my children are nine and five….READ MORE

6. How to Respond to Defiant Behavior the Montessori Way by Volcano Mama

“No!” my five-year-old declared, “Cleaning up toys is boring.” He’s usually pretty helpful cleaning up his room and enjoys helping around the house, but sometimes he gets in a mood. When that happens, it can be tempting to turn his defiance into a power struggle. Should I force him into cleaning his room, using my power over him as his mother? It’s certainly tempting. But, what’s the Montessori way to approach defiance?…READ MORE

7. How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off by The New York Times

The gifted learn to play magnificent Mozart melodies, but rarely compose their own original scores. They focus their energy on consuming existing scientific knowledge, not producing new insights. They conform to codified rules, rather than inventing their own. Research suggests that the most creative children are the least likely to become the teacher’s pet, and in response, many learn to keep their original ideas to themselves. In the language of the critic William Deresiewicz, they become the excellent sheep… READ MORE

8. Montessori Musings on Less Is More By The Montessori Notebook

I’m not the first to say it; and I won’t be last. But “less is more” certainly fits well with the Montessori approach in your home…. READ MORE

9. Montessori at home: Giving your child ‘purposeful work’ could be a game-changer by Motherly

When prospective parents come to observe our Montessori classroom, they often comment on how quiet and calm it is. They sometimes wonder whether their own child could be successful in such an environment. How are all of these children working independently, moving around the room carefully, and speaking softly?

The answer is purposeful work…READ MORE

10. Mind-minded parenting: Does insightful talk about the mind help children bond and learn? By Parenting Science

Mind-minded parenting is an approach that recognizes the independent thoughts and feelings of children.

Parents assume their children’s behavior is meaningful, and tune into their children’s emotions, desires, and interests…READ MORE

We also found this great infographic from The Montessori Notebook. We highly recommend you print it out and keep it somewhere visible for some great reminders!

Hope this gives you some ideas! If you have small children and are on the search for a Montessori-style education, don’t hesitate to schedule a tour at Eden Prairie Montessori at 952-944-8466.