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Does the idea of a traditional classroom setting go against your philosophy of education? Do you want to see your preschool students thrive, guide their own learning, and become passionate, independent learners?

A career in Montessori education may be a better fit for your goals, and we are hiring at Eden Prairie Montessori! If you have a passion or degree in early childhood education and you want to specialize in Montessori-style teaching, we can help. Read on to learn more…

The Montessori method dates back to 1907 when Dr. Maria Montessori opened her first childcare center in Italy. It’a a different approach to early childhood education.

Programs using the Montessori method offer a child-focused approach. Kids choose their activities to learn about things that interest them. It’s highly hands-on instead of traditional paper and book activities.

Kids and parents opt for Montessori to help kids gain independence, fall in love with learning, and learn on their terms. Teachers find the method rewarding for some of the same reasons.

If you’re considering Montessori certification, keep reading to check out the benefits of teaching with this method. We will help you with your certification if you choose to teach with us at Eden Prairie Montessori.

We encourage our staff to learn more and expand their knowledge. We assist our staff with job advancement by providing continuing education. This means Assistant Teacher training, Montessori Training, and Infant/Toddler Teacher training. If you think you’ve got the right stuff, we can help you!

About Eden Prairie Montessori

Here’s what we love about being Montessori teachers…

1. Variety in Your Day

Since kids guide learning, no day is the same to you. Instead of lecturing in front of the class all day, you spend your time working with different kids as they learn.

That variety makes your job more interesting just like it makes school more exciting for the kids. Having that excitement to look forward to each day makes the school a more positive place.

You also get variety in the ages you can teach. Montessori classes are popular at the preschool level, but some schools offer Montessori for babies through older elementary students. The range of ages gives you more teaching options to match your preferences.

Traditional schools use classes with students who are all roughly the same age. Montessori instruction uses a mixed age approach, which gives you even more variety. Kids are usually within three years of each other, but the age ranges can vary.

The flexible age grouping helps customize the learning process. Some kids are ready to learn to read or explore math concepts early. Others need more time.

With the mixed-age grouping, kids can learn what they’re ready for regardless of age.

2. Flexibility in Montessori Method Activities

Traditional schooling focuses heavily on memorizing facts and taking tests. Montessori uses hands-on activities where kids can actively explore ideas.

One of your roles as the teacher is to create those engaging, hands-on learning experiences. That lets you put your creativity to work.

Traditional teaching environments can seem more restrictive. You’re expected to stick to certain types of activities.

Montessori teaching expands the teaching possibilities. You’re not limited to certain curriculum materials. You won’t get in trouble for taking a more creative approach to activities.

That flexibility can feel freeing to teachers. It lets you fully realize your potential as a teacher so you can help students do the same.

3. Supportive and Individualized Environment

Students in Montessori programs have more choices in learning than they do in traditional learning environments. The program is very individualized with students learning at their own pace.

As the teacher, you have more chances to modify learning to match individual student needs. This lets you put your teaching expertise to use. It also feels rewarding to see the growth that happens when kids get the support, individualized learning they need to succeed.

4. A Chance To Encourage a Love of Education

The self-guided approach to Montessori education helps kids find a love of learning. As a Montessori teacher, you get to guide your students on that journey.

A child’s early education experiences often shape how they feel about learning throughout life. When you teach preschool in a Montessori school, you have the power to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

5. Transformation of the Educational System

Do you feel like the traditional education system comes up short? If so, working in Montessori services lets you take a new approach to education.

Many of the Montessori benefits for kids come from the method being very different from traditional education. When you teach in a Montessori school, you’re part of a revolution in education.

Parents who choose a Montessori education for their kids want something different. That can create a more positive relationship when working with kids and parents.

6. Many Job Opportunities

The need for Montessori teachers exceeds the number of teachers looking for jobs. About 200 Montessori jobs each year go unfilled.

Earning a Montessori certification gives you access to those jobs. You give yourself more job options throughout the United States and even in other countries. About 5,000 private and 200 public Montessori schools exist throughout North America, so you can find jobs virtually anywhere.

7. Greater Job Satisfaction

Does the thought of teaching to tests or following a boring curriculum make you question a teaching career? Using the Montessori method may feel more rewarding if you’re passionate about creative, hands-on education.

Since Montessori focuses more on individual learning than earning certain test scores, the classroom is often more relaxed. There isn’t the pressure to perform like there is in many public schools. That environment can reduce your stress as a teacher.

Teaching in a Montessori program isn’t easy. But the challenge combined with the flexibility and opportunity for creativity is often rewarding.

8. Flexible Certification Options

You can earn a Montessori certification through several different agencies. Requirements vary depending on the organization and the level you want to teach. We have some options we can help you with here at Eden Prairie Montessori.

The American Montessori Society offers credentials through affiliated teacher training programs. You can earn the credential in about one to two years. Some of the training is available online, which makes the certification more flexible.

Other accreditation programs offer distance learning to let you learn more about the Montessori method from anywhere.

Some Montessori schools will help you complete your Montessori training after hiring you. This agreement may require you to work for the school for a certain length of time.

Start Your Montessori Career

Does the Montessori method fit into your education philosophy? Whether you’re already a preschool teacher or you’re planning to pursue teaching, consider the Montessori method. It offers benefits for kids, parents, and teachers that you don’t get in traditional classroom settings.

Check out our Montessori career opportunities. We need energetic, compassionate, patient professionals to fill our classroom positions. Working at Eden Prairie Montessori is a rewarding career option where you can make a difference. This is your chance to leave a legacy by positively influencing our youngest generation at our successful, top-rated Montessori programs!