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For Infants, Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers and Kindergarten – a Wonderful, Professional and Proven Environment for Learning and Growth

Eden Prairie Montessori – providing a nurturing learning environment for more than 20 years

Hundreds of families who live or work in the Eden Prairie area have been overjoyed with the care, the nurturing and the wonderful learning environment of our school; one which prepares your child for a lifetime of social, moral and educational growth.

How Montessori is different

Montessori Child playing with a pink towerCelebrating more than 100 years of teaching and the nurturing young ones, Montessori methods are different from traditional daycare teaching methods because the individual child (not the teacher) is the focus.

Whereas traditional teaching is instructor-focused, with a curriculum that is structured for the whole class, with same-age grouping and a social development focus, Montessori learning is based on:

  • Cognitive, emotional and moral development, as well as social
  • Inner discipline
  • Individual instruction and self-pace
  • Mixed age grouping
  • Peer teaching and modeling
  • Multi-sensory learning materials for physical exploration
  • Purposeful movement as an aid to learning

There are many other differences that you can learn about on our “Montessori” page, and you can learn more about our classrooms for each age group here.

Guiding and Cultivating Development in Eden Prairie for Over 20 Years

At Eden Prairie Montessori Learning Center, we’ve carefully guided and cultivated children through the Montessori method for over 20 years.

Our approach is child-centered and premised on self-directed learning. This allows each child to explore, learn, grow, and thrive through independent learning in mixed age, carefully prepared classrooms.

Supporting children from infancy through kindergarten

The Montessori teaching method offers powerful results from infancy through kindergarten. This prepares children for First Grade and promotes a life-long love of learning that makes children excited to explore and develop new skills.

Our class sizes are small to ensure each child receives the attentive care they need. We carefully monitor all children, their progress, and their needs to ensure they have all that they require to thrive during infancy, toddlerhood, preschool, kindergarten, and beyond.

Eden Prairie Montessori Instructor reading to InfantCarefully trained, qualified instruction

Each of our lead teachers must complete Montessori Certification under a credible Montessori training program that is recognized by the Department of Human Services, in addition to their teacher qualifications. Likewise, our staff must also train in Montessori methods. This ensures each adult is contributing to the success of the classroom environment and every child.

Our staff is also trained in CPR and First Aid, giving you peace of mind that your child is always safe.

Schedule a tour to experience Eden Prairie Montessori

If you want your child to be in an environment conducive to fostering independence, responsibility, and respect, Eden Prairie Montessori offers the experience and compassionate approach necessary to do so.

To schedule a tour of our center, contact us at 952-944-8466. We look forward to meeting your family and welcoming you in to our own family.


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