Kindergarten Program

For Kindergartners, First Grade Readiness and a Higher Level of Independence, Leadership, and Practical Skills

Social, emotional, and cognitive preparedness

Kindergartners ages 5 to 6 need social, emotional, and cognitive skills for First Grade preparedness. Our all day kindergarten program allows children to learn advanced skills that prepare them from a multi-dimensional perspective for school.

Age-appropriate environments and materials

KindergartenOur staff in Eden Prairie believes in facilitating development by creating an environment and providing exclusive Montessori materials to students. This is essential for reaching the level of development necessary for First Grade readiness.

Students achieve normalization at this stage. This means their independence and purposeful work becomes apparent from a physical, cognitive, and conceptual perspective. As such, they are fully coordinated, are able to make decisions and solve problems, and have all practical skills necessary for learning materials in the First Grade environment.

We prepare students in several areas, such as:

  • Basic classroom skills and guidelines
  • Independent learning and the development of leadership qualities
  • Higher level of writing skills
  • Simple and complex math skills
  • High vocabulary reading (incorporating Phonics skills)
  • Developing social and emotional skills

Our program at Eden Prairie Montessori allows students to naturally socialize, concentrate, and interact with their environment and others. Each of our kindergarten programs are mixed age, including 24 preschool and kindergarten students, 1 Montessori instructor, and 2 assistant teachers. This facilitates peer learning where kindergartners can exhibit leadership roles and reinforce learning through interaction with both older and younger students.

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At Eden Prairie Montessori, we’ve been delivering excellence to our community for over 20 years in our kindergarten program through Montessori teaching methods, a multicultural environment, and the opportunity to learn Spanish as a second language.

To schedule your own tour, contact us at 952-944-8466. We look forwarding to speaking with you and welcoming both you and your kindergartner at Eden Prairie Montessori!


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