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In the Montessori classroom and home, we love to embrace the changing seasons by taking the time to fully absorb the world around us – our community and nature.

This week, we at Eden Prairie Montessori have put together a list of Fall activities not only geared towards the preschool stage of development, but perfect for families of all ages to enjoy together. And keep in mind, while we love setting up art and craft activities, it is also important to encourage your children to play freely in the outdoors during Autumn family outings.

We hope you find the Montessori-inspired Fall themed activities and art projects in this blog post to inspire and encourage you and your little ones as you enjoy the season!



Keep it simple.

Ask your child; “What can we find that tells us Fall is here?”

A nature walk is an opportunity to USE ALL OF OUR SENSES to really savor the season.

Remember, it isn’t only about what we can SEE with our eyes or TOUCH with our hands. Tap into your other senses to look beyond what you see….

If we look closely, can we find fallen leaves? Acorns? Seed pods? Butterflies?


What nature & animal sounds do we hear? The wind blowing through the trees and rustling the leaves? Birds singing? Dogs barking?

Is the air warm or cool? Can you feel the wind blowing?

What does the sun feel like on your skin?  What about the shade?


What does Autumn taste like to you? Delicious apples? Pumpkin pie? Spiced cider?

Bring a Fall themed snack along for your nature walk!


Close your eyes and take a deep breath of the crisp, fresh Autumn air. What do you smell? The damp earth and dry fallen leaves? Pine trees? Flower blossoms?

What smells do you like? Which smells do you not like at all?

Nature smells are not always easy to describe, but they certainly are one of the best parts of the natural world.



While you’re on your nature walk, have a fun SCAVENGER HUNT!

This is a great opportunity to collect your items for the Montessori-inspired activities and art projects below. Make sure you bring a paper bag, basket with a handle or backpack to gather your treasures while you walk.

Acorns                                         Flowers

Pinecones                                   Feather

Sticks & twigs                             Fern

Piece of bark                              Pine needles

Colored leaves different sizes and shapes

Rocks- flat, smooth, rough, round, etc


Bird                                               Spider

Butterfly                                        Ants

Dog                                               Squirrel

Spiderweb                                   Cloud

Tall tree                                        Tree stump

Nest                                               Moss

Animal tracks                               Water

Wild mushrooms                         Berries




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