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There’s never really a perfect time to start thinking about where your child will go to preschool. We all want our children to grow and find a passion for learning. Some start dreaming of a Montessori classroom before their little person has even entered the world. For some it might be a time to switch their care options to a program with the educational beliefs they align with.

Now, choosing the right school takes a little more time. Your brain fills with so many questions. What age do I enroll them? How do we sign up? What is the semester investment? Will we like the teacher? All of these questions are important to ask & we encourage you to visit a few places before making that final decision. We are here to help guide and educate you on what we know & provide.

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What is Montessori Education?

Children are curious! They will show you what they are interested in if you just watch and listen. Montessori is a method built specifically to nurture that growth and development and focuses on facilitating a structured hands on learning environment that involves self-directed activity while incorporating play.

From birth to nearly 6 years old children are learning how to comprehend language. Montessori helps create a smooth transition from each developmental stage helping children navigate through sensory, order, socialization and order.

This is only the beginning. Creating that foundation from an early age is crucial to a child’s development. Routine & repetition are maintained while nurturing each child; meeting them where they are mentally and emotionally.

Carefully prepared environment

Why Montessori?

Classrooms are filled with a variety of options that give children the opportunity to explore. Each child is unique and gets to choose from what is available or join a group for collaborative play. We teach them from a young age to make choices based on their internal drive.

Teachers present an environment that includes social, emotional, academic & physical experiences. An individualized academic plan is developed for each student depending on their academic level, leaving their progression entirely in their hands. Giving students freedom is essential for them to learn how to navigate, problem solve & discover all by themselves.

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The Montessori Community

In a Montessori environment, your child typically stays in the same mixed age classes for longer cycles, which means they establish friends and feel the sense of a loving community. They learn to recognize that each person is different, working at different paces and on various projects and you often see the older children mentoring their younger peers.

Being a part of a group that teaches love & acceptance will help your child learn how to support others and welcome challenges. We focus on building emotional intelligence that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

The Best Way To Learn More Is To Book A Tour

As you go on this journey of finding the right childcare for YOU and your family, we want you to know that whatever you decide, it truly is an ever evolving journey. Education is a process and each individual learns and grows at a different rate. We will all learn lessons along the way and develop a strategy that best suits your child. In the words of Dr. Maria Montessori, “Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”

Our doors are open to you always. To learn more about our child care center in Eden Prairie and programs, contact us at 952-777-3606. We look forward to meeting you!