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There’s never really a perfect time to start thinking about where your child(ren) will go to preschool!  We all want our children to grow and find their passion for learning. Some start dreaming of the classroom before their little person has even entered the world.  More power to those people!  

Now, choosing the right childcare option takes a little more time.  Your brain fills with so many questions. What age do I enroll them?  How do we sign up? What is the semester investment? Will we like the teacher?  All of these questions are important to ask & we encourage you to visit a few places before making that final decision.  We are here to help guide and educate you on what we know & teach.

We’ve put together a childcare tour guide to help with planning when observing & visiting new preschools.  There are a few crucial things to look for and ask about. Here are our top 8!

Nutrition & Meals

It’s important to start eating healthy at a young age and talking about our bodies and minds and what keeps us strong.  Conscious eating is something you want to discuss as well.  

One of the extracurricular programs we offer at Eden Prairie Montessori creates an early foundation for a healthy lifestyle- this program is called Embrace Health for Kids.

Embrace Health is a great way to introduce children to the fun-filled world of Health. This program is designed to give each child a good feeling about themselves, by building their self-confidence. Through games and music this class teaches kids and parents how to eat in 3’s for optimum health by stabilizing blood sugar. We engage the child with interactive games to demonstrate the power of thoughts/ habits to embrace health in all areas of our life. This class is designed to work with toddlers, preschoolers and school age children at developmentally appropriate skill levels. Each class is 30 minutes and encourages developing a healthy life-style made fun.

Physical Activities

Healthy habits that start early seem to be the habits that stick best and last a lifetime with the greatest possible results.  

The Montessori classroom itself is very well organized and orderly.  For the perfect mix of freedom, independence & structure Eden Prairie also has activities such as art, spanish, yoga, music, outdoor play, etc.  It is our mission to inspire a love of lifelong learning, independence, responsibility, and respect in all students.

All of the extracurricular activities we offer support these values and provide preschoolers with an extra enhanced early education program that is vastly different from other preschools. In addition to our Montessori learning experience, Eden Prairie Montessori Learning Center offers music & piano, gymnastics, dance, health classes, and outdoor nature time to provide a well-rounded learning experience and create the foundations for a healthy lifestyle.

Safety & Security

Your child is your most precious cargo.  We want you to feel secure leaving your child in our care while you’re at work!  Rest assured we have taken steps to insure we are adequately trained & equipped to safely handle any situation that arises. Eden Prairie Montessori employs carefully trained, qualified instructors who have completed Montessori Certification.  Each of our lead teachers must complete Montessori Certification under a credible Montessori training program that is recognized by the Department of Human Services, in addition to their teacher qualifications. Each staff member is also trained in CPR and First Aid, keeping your child safe at all times. Through ongoing training, we’re constantly improving our ability to care for and guide our students.

Classrooms & Curriculum

Preschoolers are so full of wonder from the time they wake up until their sweet eyes close at bed time.  It’s important that they are given time to explore their 5 senses through music, fine motor, sensory stations, books, different textures & smells. Giving children the freedom to explore, fail & try again and supporting them through the entire process helps your child reach their full potential.

The Montessori method stands in direct contrast, promoting a child-focused, self-paced learning environment for well-rounded development.  Through our adherence to the Montessori method, we promote inner discipline, instruction, and feedback from learning materials. Children are then able to self-correct based on previous mistakes and reinforce their progress through repetition and an established feeling of competence.

Our instructors serve as facilitators for learning. Rather than leading classrooms, each instructor prepares age-appropriate Montessori materials and carefully monitors students and their progress. Each child learns individually and with peers in a mixed age environment. Their peers reinforce positive habits, forming a supportive environment in which students benefit from each other and from working in small partnerships.

Admissions & Tuition

Providing the best possible childcare is a top priority as a parent.  Work with your partner to make sure that tuition is on your budget list.  Investing in your child’s education is PRICELESS.

Many people associate Montessori with wealth and a private school education and assume there would be no way they could afford to send their child to a Montessori school. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Montessori is for EVERYONE!

Fun fact: Maria Montessori actually started her development of the Montessori education for disabled and disadvantaged children; although, it was her goal to extend Montessori to all types of children. Today, you can find Montessori in many variations and price points. There are, of course, some private Montessori schools which will be charging a higher tuition rate in return for additional benefits or the community it is set in – but you will also have the middle of the road price points. Often, if you look around you will be pleasantly surprised! Many Montessori preschools can be compared to other regular full-time daycare prices! Eden Prairie Montessori offers a mixed age environment to develop coordination, concentration, and knowledge-based skills at competitive prices. So don’t hesitate to stop by Eden Prairie Montessori if you are interested in your child attending – we love to have families come by for a tour! We have 2 locations in Eden Prairie and we welcome you to call us to set up a time to visit: 952-777-3606

Our Teachers

You always remember your favorite teachers.  Building a good relationship with the people who play a big role in your child’s day is important.  Both you and the child need to feel comfortable with their teacher.

We encourage our staff to always keep learning and expanding their knowledge. We assist our staff with job advancement by providing continuing education. This means Assistant Teacher training, Montessori Training, and Infant/Toddler Teacher training.

Traditional schooling focuses heavily on memorizing facts and taking tests. Montessori uses hands-on activities where kids can actively explore ideas.  One role of our teachers is to create engaging, hands-on learning experiences. Our teachers modify learning to match individual student needs.

We’ve been guiding and cultivating children through the Montessori method for over 20 years.  Our Montessori teachers, whom we refer to as Montessori adults, facilitate learning rather than instruct the class. This approach allows students to explore their own interests while reducing wasted time and maximizing developmental outcomes for each student.  At Eden Prairie Montessori, we pride ourselves with the longevity of our teachers and staff, which provides stability for our students.

School Environment

A school’s environment sets the tone for the whole year.  You want to choose a place that aligns with the overall mood & tone you want to set for your child.  Looking for a loving, kind, uplifting & devoted facility is always approved!

At Eden Prairie Montessori we are proud of our diversity. Our students and our staff come from a varied background of countries and cultures. This gives us the unique ability to recognize and celebrate a wide range of cultures and holidays of the world with authenticity. Your child will learn from an early age to respect and cherish the qualities that make us all different and unique, while recognizing that we are all bound by a common thread of humanity.  

Celebrating more than 100 years of teaching and nurturing young ones, Montessori methods are different from traditional daycare teaching methods because the individual child (not the teacher) is the focus. Montessori learning is based on:

  • Cognitive, social, emotional and moral development
  • Inner discipline
  • Individual instruction and self-pace
  • Mixed age grouping
  • Peer teaching and modeling
  • Multi-sensory learning materials for physical exploration
  • Purposeful movement as an aid to learning

We have montessori classes at Eden Prairie, from kindergarten to infants, with a nurturing environment for growth and learning. 



Touring can be so fun! 

Make sure you ask yourself some questions each time you’re done, such as: 

  1. Was the school welcoming & inviting?
  2. Were the staff positively engaged with children?
  3. Are programs based on age-appropriate learning & development objectives?
  4. Do parents receive regular updates via email, text, mobile app, etc?
  5. Are extracurricular activities offered?
  6. Is tuition in our family budget?

Gather additional notes in a notebook about each school and focus on which option is best for your child as well as family goals.  As you go on this journey of finding the right childcare for YOU and your family, we want you to know that whatever you decide, it truly is an ever evolving journey.  Education is a process and each individual learns and grows at a different rate. We will all learn lessons along the way and develop a strategy that best suits your child.  In the words of Dr. Maria Montessori, “Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”


Our doors are open to you always.  


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For 20 years, we’ve been serving the Eden Prairie community by caring for and guiding infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Our learning materials support our positive history of successful learning outcomes, preparing children for First Grade and future learning.

To learn more about our program or learning materials, contact us at 952-944-8466. We look forward to discussing our program with you and meeting your child!